Container Holder

As Damatool, we offer you replacement container holders according to your extrusion press needs. We design, modify, produce and install new container holders.

Damatool offers for your new or existing extrusion press containers turn-key replacement container holders. Our team develops and designs replacement holders according to your specifications. The holders can be designed fabricated, forged or cast according to your preferences. In addition to this, we are able to modify the existing container guide such to fit the new “X” guide with an external axis adjustment.


Each holder option is discussed prior to the production and designed and produced to exactly fit the needs of our customers. Our container holders can be produced such to fit existing containers and containers with regional temperature control.


Damatool has a comprehensive experience in the field of producing replacement container holders for diverse extrusion presses. Our engineers and designers provide engineering services for extrusion presses of any type and size. We are able to design fabricated, forged or cast single replacement container holders, specially designed for your extrusion press. Our designs include easy adjustment and maintenance systems in terms of design and functionality. Whilst our four point guide systems provide a more consistent and stable container holder movement, they allow the performance of the adjustments outside the press frame. At the same time, we offer optional ultrasound test analysis for replacement fabricated holders.

Our container holders are produced at the highest standards. Each holder is processed according to the applicable tolerances and subjected to quality control. If you should require a turn-key holder replacement, our production team will be ready to provide you a complete installation service for your replacement holder.