Extrusion Press Container and Liner Change

The container is the heart of the extrusion press. Thousands of billets pass through the container and the liner during the term of their usage. And the performance of the container and the liner depends on continuous maintenance and liner insertion processes at correct tolerances. The long term operation of the liner and the container with a good performance are very important in terms of economy and product quality. All diagnostic results, operating performances and measurement are precisely recorded at the Damatool production facilities. The records, kept separately for each container, include the maintenance dates, maintenance notes, liner change and repair records. Thus, the continuous efficiency of the system is provided.

There are many factors that influence the life-time of the liner and the container and some samples are;

• Heating and Cooling cycle.

• Excessive heating. High temperatures influence the features of steel and excessive temperatures can result in serious damages.

• The wear of the liner during the extrusion of each billet.

• High pressure. The extrusion pressure effect progresses from the liner towards the container. The liner and the container will be harmed earlier or later case of excessive pressures.

These factures will cause premature container cracks, untimely production stops and consequently high production costs.


The best solution is to trust in the Damatool Containers.

• We use the best steel.

• We provide suggestions with our long termed experience.

• We apply the heating system with the latest technology.

• We produce and install liners compliant with the highest standards.

• We record every stage of the production.

We check the status of the containers during every liner replacement. Thus, we have the possibility to compare the previous and afterwards statuses of the product. As a result, we inform you on the life-time of the containers and assist you in taking measures.


Full service for liner replacements

  • We use from Europe imported steel for the new liner to be produced. We produce the new liner and keep it ready prior to the arrival of the container for liner replacement and provide our customers saving from their valuable time.
  • We test the container, on which meticulously penetration is applied, against cracks and damages.
  • We measure the hardness of every area of the container.
  • We remove the damaged liner and the liner holder when necessary.
  • We amend the container or liner holder surfaces as a result of the assessments.
  • We complete the production of the new liner in the determined dimensions.
  • We place the liner by the warm insertion method.
  • We hone the inner liner surface.



Qualitative container and liner mean high value.

Damatool mantles and liner are carefully inserted in each other.

Temperature and press pressure are considered during the production.

The container needs to be well surveyed for the performance of a trouble-free production.

The actual status of the container and its variables need to be calculated well.

In order to not to be faced with surprises and perform an economic production, you will need to use qualitative extrusion tools.